1. Super healthy egg white omelette in a mug

    Super healthy egg white omelette in a mug
    Crack on with this egg-cellent way to start your day. This 1-minute microwavable mug meal is the perfect breakfast, packed with protein, nutrients, and delicious flavours. We love this recipe for its pure simplicity, tastiness and minimal washing up. Our recipe contains fresh veg, cheese and a little seasoning, but you can add in whatever toppings you'd like. When done...
  2. Greta Thunberg joins Women Who Changed The world

    Greta Thunberg joins Women Who Changed The world
    She has already captured hearts and minds across the UK for her fearless, tireless activism. Not just one for the history books, the pintsize protestor is now immortalised on a coffee mug. You've been loving Picturemaps' amazingly detailed Women Who Changed The World design since it launched in January 2018 and now it's better than ever! Greta now rubs shoulders...
  3. Our Festive Favourites

    Our Festive Favourites
    Christmas time is fast-approaching and choosing the right gift can be a challenge. Let us wash your stresses away. Mclaggan is here to help with your gift-buying. We have a magical range of baubles and Christmas mugs that will surely put a smile on that special someone's face. Stop The Clock Stop The Clock’s designs are distinctive and quirky, but...
  4. World Vegan Day

    World Vegan Day
    World Vegan Day is an annual event held on November 1st. The benefits of veganism for humans, animals and the natural environment are celebrated through numerous activities around the world. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Vegan Society. Here is our easy and deliciously moist vegan mug recipe for you to try to mark the occasion. Vegan Chocolate-Orange...
  5. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween
    It's almost Halloween! The leaves are turning orange, red and yellow. The evenings are becoming colder. It's the time to embrace everything spooky, dress up in your best costumes and show off your pumpkin carving skills. After all the excitement, what better way to relax (or recover) than with a soothing hot drink in one of our mugs. Whilst you're...
  6. Happy International Gin and Tonic Day!

    Happy International Gin and Tonic Day!
    oh yes... The day has arrived. October 21st marks International Gin and Tonic Day. It would be wrong not to celebrate. A Brief History Gin (formally known as 'Genever') was first created in Holland in the 17th century. The gin we know today is very different to Genever (originally used as a form of medicine). During the Thirty Years War...
  7. COCO Chocolatier Collaboration

    COCO Chocolatier Collaboration
    COCO Chocolatier is a collaborative canvas for artisans and artists alike; those who dare to disrupt, innovate and inspire. This is where creativity and cocoa collide. There is no compromise on style or substance. COCO Chocolatier New Mug Designs Mclaggan have teamed up with COCO Chocolatier and our new vibrant mug designs are perfect for art lovers! All three mug...
  8. Baubles: Not Just For The Christmas Tree

    Baubles: Not Just For The Christmas Tree
    With the Christmas season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about decking the halls. Mclaggan Smith are here to help with our new range of luxury bone china baubles. Available as a heart shape or a more traditional round bauble, they make a wonderful gift at Christmas but also can be a unique keepsake for a special event or visitor attraction.
  9. Creative Uses For Your Mugs

    Creative Uses For Your Mugs
    Mugs don't have to be just for your drinks. It's time to get creative and Mclaggan are here to help with inspiration. Vase Want to spruce up the house but don't have lots of money to spend on expensive flower arrangements? Collecting wild flowers and shrubbery and placing them in a mug can create the perfect small, yet homely, decoration...
  10. NEW: Travel Mugs

    NEW: Travel Mugs
    Hot drinks on the go have never been so stylish! Mclaggan are delighted to introduce our new range of bone china travel mugs. Be assured that you'll get asked where you got your lovely new travel mug from. Not only that, but you can be confident that you've made an environmentally-friendly choice! What makes our travel mugs so great? eco-friendly...

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