November 2019

  1. Greta Thunberg joins Women Who Changed The world

    Greta Thunberg joins Women Who Changed The world
    She has already captured hearts and minds across the UK for her fearless, tireless activism. Not just one for the history books, the pintsize protestor is now immortalised on a coffee mug. You've been loving Picturemaps' amazingly detailed Women Who Changed The World design since it launched in January 2018 and now it's better than ever! Greta now rubs shoulders...
  2. Our Festive Favourites

    Our Festive Favourites
    Christmas time is fast-approaching and choosing the right gift can be a challenge. Let us wash your stresses away. Mclaggan is here to help with your gift-buying. We have a magical range of baubles and Christmas mugs that will surely put a smile on that special someone's face. Stop The Clock Stop The Clock’s designs are distinctive and quirky, but...

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