COCO Chocolatier is a collaborative canvas for artisans and artists alike; those who dare to disrupt, innovate and inspire. This is where creativity and cocoa collide. There is no compromise on style or substance.

COCO Chocolatier

New Mug Designs

Mclaggan have teamed up with COCO Chocolatier and our new vibrant mug designs are perfect for art lovers!

All three mug designs come from the artist William LaChance. His artwork depicts displaced forms and colours taken from graphic design, fashion, art history and nature. These are collated using a variety of methods from painting and printmaking to assemblage and sewing.

We love these creative mug designs because the colours are so striking. They can be used to add a splash of colour into any interior.

LaChance mug
St. Louis mug
William mug

Chocolate Bars

For a limited time only we are also stocking COCO Chocolatier chocolate bars. COCO craft their premium chocolate bars with the world's finest South American cocoa. Then, they package them into sleeves with amazing and original designs by independent artists. The finished products are so lovely and stylish. As a result, they look almost too good to eat!

COCO chocolate is made from 100% natural ingredients. It's palm oil free, and sustainably produced. These 20g bars fit perfectly inside our mugs so they make a lovely addition to your purchase. Whether giving as a gift, or buying a treat for yourself, make sure you get your hands on some. Our team have already tried them all and they are delicious!

Available in Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, Isle of Sky Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and Ivory Coast Milk 38% Milk Chocolate. Make sure you get them before they're gone!

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