oh yes...

The day has arrived. October 21st marks International Gin and Tonic Day. It would be wrong not to celebrate.

A Brief History

Gin (formally known as 'Genever') was first created in Holland in the 17th century. The gin we know today is very different to Genever (originally used as a form of medicine). During the Thirty Years War, British soldiers fighting on Dutch land discovered it and bought it back to England. From here, it's popularity grew and many people in London started creating their own.

Fast forward to 1857 when the British took governance of India. Unfortunately, Malaria was a big problem in India. Quinine (a very bitter compound) was used to help try and treat it - made into a tonic by dissolving it in water. Eventually lime and gin were added to improve the taste. Thus, the classic gin and tonic was born.

Gin and tonic has become an iconic British drink, one that transcends into popular culture. National Gin and Tonic Day was formed in 2011 to celebrate the history of this cocktail.

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