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10 stylish educational mugs to make uni life easier | Mclaggan

10 stylish educational mugs to make uni life easier

Calling all students, teachers, graduates and everyone in between. The school year has either started back, or your new term is just a few weeks off. Whether you're a brainbox, or slightly more scatterbrained (guilty!), our educational range make helpful study aids or great conversation starters! Learning about art history or brushing up on Jane Austen over your morning cuppa? Perfect. We have colourful and informative mugs for lots of different subjects, so be sure to check out the full range to find your perfect mug. Nothing catching your eye, or not seeing something suitable? Suggest a mug and we'll look into it.

1. Picturemaps Ocean Life Mug

This design from the wonderful Picturemaps takes you from the sunlight zone near the surface to the deep, dark depths of the trenches.

2. Mclaggan Smith Light Mug

Fret over mnemonics no more (bye bye, Roy G. Biv), learning the visible spectrum of light is a cinch with this mug.

3. Picturemaps Women Who Changed The World Mug

New for 2018, this detailed Picturemaps design launched just in time for the 100 year anniversary of votes for women! Ideal for anyone studying history, gender studies, women's studies, or similar.

4. Mclaggan Smith The pH Scale Mug

No chemistry student should be without this pH scale mug. A colourful look at measuring acidity, plus everyday examples for each to help put the scale in context (lemon juice has a pH of 2, for example).

5. Mclaggan Smith Pi Mug

Okay, so maybe you won't be beating the record for most digits of pi memorised, but we did manage to squeeze 566 of them on this four-colour design.

6. Ginger Bee Bottlenose Dolphin Mug

Biology students will appreciate Ginger Bee's gorgeous illustrated designs, done in the style of a naturalist's notebook. We particularly like this bottlenose dolphin mug, but there are eight to choose from. Each features details about each species, including genus, scientific name,  and other interesting info.

7. Brainwaves Internal Combustion Engine Mug

Take a fascinating look inside the internal combustion engine with Brainwave's charming illustrative style, with the four-stroke cycle on the back. A must for engineers, or anyone with a keen interest in the mechanical.

8. Mclaggan Smith Multiplication Tables Mug

Even the most basic of sums can be easily forgotten in a world of smartphones and their built-in calculators at our fingertips. This multiplication tables mug is a handy cheat sheet for those moments you're drawing a blank!

9. Mclaggan Smith Planets Mug

Rocket to the moon and beyond with our Planets mug. Each is listed with diameter, distance from the sun, and the number of moons it has orbiting it. Pluto may have been reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet, but we couldn't not include it!

10. Picturemaps Dinosaurs Mug

A full-colour, illustrated design from Picturemaps. Featuring a diverse herd of dinosaurs, including those firm pop culture favourites T. rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and many more besides. These are just a few of the educational and informative mugs we have available. Browse the full collection - we're sure you'll find something to catch your eye.

One last thing ...

You can add your name to the handle of any of our mugs for just £5. An absolute must to make your mug theft-proof in student halls or at the office. It's easy - just tick the "handle personalisation" box on the product page and add your name. We'll do the rest.
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