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Baubles: Not Just For The Christmas Tree | Mclaggan

Baubles: Not Just For The Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about how to deck the halls. Mclaggan are here to help with our new range of luxury bone china baubles and bespoke baubles. Available as a heart shape or a more traditional round bauble, they make a wonderful gift at Christmas. They can also be a unique keepsake for a special event or visitor attraction.

Our baubles are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree. However, don't limit yourself to only using them on the tree. There are so many additional and diverse uses for these attractive and bespoke ornaments and we're here to help get your creativity flowing. Here are a few inspirational ideas for you this Winter.

Hang around the house:

Try hanging a few from a lampshade or chandelier. Decorate a light above the kitchen table with baubles, resulting in an eye-catching display. To spruce things up a bit, tie the baubles at different heights. By doing this, you can achieve a 'raining down' effect. Alternatively, keep the same length of ribbon for a neat, symmetrical look. Wrap the banister or stair rail in tinsel and adorn this with the baubles. You can even hang a few on some wall art, door handles and hooks to brighten up any space.

Gather in a jar:

Enclose the baubles in a decorative bell jar or invert this and heap them into a glass vase. Complete the festive look by twisting a few fairy lights inside. Perhaps you want to take a twist on this homely look. If that's the case—maybe you want to create more of an arty interior design look—this can be achieved by placing a branch in a jar or glass vase and embellishing it with the baubles.

Decorate the table:

Baubles don't have to just be for hanging. Incorporate them into the dining table as place decorations. Likewise, you can add a personal touch by attaching individual name tags to the ribbons to mark out places where family or friends will be sitting. The ribbons can also be wrapped around napkins like a napkin ring.

Decorate the mantel piece:

Dot them along the mantel piece, along shelves or perhaps even in a bookcase. Tuck them among foliage or tinsel and light them up with tealights or fairy lights to make them sparkle. This works especially well with our gold foil baubles which reflect light spectacularly. We believe the perfect companion for our baubles has to be candles for the ultimate cozy night in. Whilst you're at it, why not treat yourself to a hot chocolate, a cuppa or your favourite festive drink in one of our bone china mugs. Be sure to check out the Christmas collection. Or maybe you like to be on top of the latest trends. Then why not pop over and look at our bestsellers.


Do you have any plant pots that are looking dull in the cold weather? Bring them back to life by placing baubles in them - perfect for adding some colour outside of the front door. This also works well with hanging baskets because you can have baubles hanging over the sides or from the hook at the top.

Get your hands on one of Mclaggan's designs or check out the full range.

Do you have any unique uses for our Mclaggan baubles? We'd love to see what you come up with! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @mclagganuk.

Check out our Pinterest Boards for inspiration.

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