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Creative Uses For Your Mugs | Mclaggan

Creative Uses For Your Mugs

Mugs don't have to be just for your drinks. It's time to get creative and Mclaggan are here to help with inspiration.


Want to spruce up the house but don't have lots of money to spend on expensive flower arrangements? Collecting wild flowers and shrubbery and placing them in a mug can create the perfect small, yet homely, decoration.

Quentin Blake


If you have ever wanted to grow your own herbs then you will be pleased to know our mugs are the perfect size for it. Place them on your kitchen window sill and watch your new plants grow before your eyes. Alternatively, pot up some cacti or small flowers.

Orla Kiely


Microwave mug cakes are perfect for when you're craving a sweet treat. They're quick, easy to clean up, and require minimal ingredients. But mugs are also great for hot food like soup, noodles, and even your morning porridge.

Storage/Utensil Holder

Paintbrushes, cutlery, stationary, makeup brushes, cotton buds, toothbrushes - you name it, anything that needs gathering up and storing can be done so in one of your favourite mugs. Mugs will also add a splash of colour, decoration and maybe even humour to your spaces. Great for keeping everything organised.

Madeleine Floyd

Bird Feeder

Help out the little feathered friends who love to visit your garden. You can easily look after our wildlife by turning your mug into a bird feeder. Seeds can be poured into the mug loose and placed somewhere in the garden. Alternatively, you can make a durable mix of seeds and suet (or a suet substitute). Place a twig in the mix before it sets and once it's done you can hang the mug by a string. Here the birds will have somewhere to perch as they feed from the mug.

Gorgeous Gift Holder

Using a mug as a gift holder is a unique way to dress up hard-to-wrap presents. Place some tissue paper inside, add your gifts (bagged sweets, loose chocolates, cosmetics, makeup brushes...), wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon or some string.

Cold Recovery Kit

In a similar fashion to the gift holder, mugs can be used as recovery kits. During the Winter, many of us catch common colds. Why not brighten up a sick friend's day with a homemade kit? Add medicine, some sweet treats and perhaps even a little note or card in the mug to let them know you're thinking of them.

Have you used one of our Mclaggan mugs in a unique way? We'd love to see - don't forget to tag us on Instagram @mclagganuk.

Check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration and more photos.

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