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Four joyous new Quentin Blake mugs available now-Mclaggan

Four joyous new Quentin Blake mugs available now

With his distinct style evocative of many a childhood, is there anything more joyous than a Quentin Blake mug? Luckily for Quentin fans (or anyone who could use some cheer, really) four wonderful new mugs are available right now. Including a self-portrait of Sir Quentin triumphantly raising a rainbow mug. Cheers to that! 


I ordered a Quentin Blake mug (the one adorned with cats) on November 11 and just received it. Very timely, yes? Well, YES! From Quentin Blake Shop, then McLaggan’s to Baltimore, Maryland USA in less than a week! That is real efficiency! The mug came perfectly packaged and beautifully printed. It’s beautiful. I am very pleased. It also contained a cheery little note of thanks from the company for my order and an offer of a discount on my next purchase. So friendly, so polite, -so rare these days (at least over here). Thank you for QB and Mclaggan, for cheering me up.

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