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Happy Cat Month! | Mclaggan

Happy Cat Month!

Calling all cat lovers: did you know that September marks the start of a whole month dedicated to cats? Yes, it's officially National Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Purrfect...

What better way to celebrate your feline friends than with your favourite drink in one of Mclaggan's Cat Mugs.

Cats have lived alongside humans for almost as long as dogs. Likewise, they serve important purposes - just like dogs! From companionship to pest control, cats are a wonderful addition to our lives.

Happy Cat Month was created by the CATalyst Council. Their aim is to educate people and raise awareness about the health, welfare and importance of companion cats. There's a common misconception that cats are incredibly self-reliant and don't need as much attention as dogs. However, cats are in fact incredibly social animals. They require just as much care, attention and love as dogs do!

(Psst... are you more of a dog person? Not a problem, we have a large range of Dog Mugs too!)

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