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Introducing Lisa Macario | Mclaggan

Introducing Lisa Macario

We’ve had this range in the pipeline for a few months now, and we’re so pleased to finally be able to introduce Lisa Macario to our customers! As soon as we saw her unabashedly political—yet super stylish—embroidered slogans, we knew we had to put them on mugs! [caption id="attachment_6956" align="alignnone" width="500"] Lisa with the sweatshirt that started it all. Photo © Lisa Macario.[/caption]   It started in January 2017 when Lisa hand-stitched “Liberal Elite” on a sweatshirt for the Women’s March in London. She said, “I heard the same insults thrown time and again. Insults aimed at people daring to believe that life-changing, world-changing events are important. People like me.  I wanted to reclaim those meaningless words and diminish what little power they had. I also had a slightly too small sweatshirt and some embroidery thread.” Less than two years later and she’s built a successful business selling her slogans on sweatshirts, tees and totes. We can’t tell you how delighted we are with how the range turned out. There are ten mugs available, all done in a bespoke typeface to match Lisa’s charming embroidery. Lisa’s range is available now on our website in Standard size china and our new style “Conic” mug (more on that in another blog post). [caption id="attachment_6955" align="alignnone" width="500"] Some of Lisa's sweatshirts. Photo © Lisa Macario.[/caption]   P.s. if you like the look of her embroidered apparel and would love one that’s totally yours, Lisa offers a bespoke service. She said, “If you care about anything enough to want it on your chest, I'll gladly embroider it.“ Take a look on her website.

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