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Last order date for Father's Day: Tuesday 15th June
Last order date for Father's Day: Tuesday 15th June
Nine Uses For Mugs Every Student Should Know | Mclaggan

Nine Uses For Mugs Every Student Should Know

We've been in the business of making mugs since 1974, so you can bet we've used our mugs for just about anything you could imagine in that time. Whether your mug collection is little or, like ours, large, everyone has one in their kitchen cupboard. With universities going back this month, here are some genius uses for mugs that we think students (or anyone) will love.

1. Keep your study area organised

A mug is the perfect size to keep all of your pens, highlighters and other bits under control. Girls, this also works great for housing all of your makeup brushes and small beauty accessories that could otherwise get lost. Fashionable and functional! 

2. Use a mug as a funky candle holder

Forget boring tealight holders everyone else has on their coffee table. Pop a candle in a mug for a more modern take on mood lighting. With hundreds of styles from artists and illustrators across the UK, there’s something for everyone.The best bit? Give it a rinse when you’re not using it as a candle holder, and you’ve got a spare mug or two for when Mum and Dad visit.

3. Poach or scramble eggs in minutes

Craving a poached egg, but don’t want to spend ages perfecting your poaching skills? Fill half a mug with water, gently crack in an egg, and microwave for 1 minute. Perfect poached eggs in no time! To scramble, just crack one or two eggs into your mug, add a splash of milk or water, and a dash of salt and pepper (optional), and microwave for 2 minutes. Once cooked, use your fork to scramble. Eat straight from the mug, or serve with a slice of toast. Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out.

 4. Cook entire meals from scratch

With just a mug, a microwave, and some basic kitchen utensils, you can create some super simple (but super tasty) meals. Try our 10 Minute Mac & Cheese (see below) for a deliciously cheesy meal with minimal fuss.

5. Take your cooking up a notch with fresh herbs

A mug makes a great herb starter. Get some potting soil and seeds, find a windowsill with some natural light, and start enjoying fresh herbs with your meals. You can pick up seed kits from loads of places on the high street. You should be ready to start using fresh herbs after just a few weeks.

6. Add a touch of green to your bedroom

If cooking's not really your thing, why not liven up your room with some small plants? Plants have been proven to benefit quality of life, with great air purifying qualities, as well as giving us a sense of connection with nature. Cacti or succulents are ideal for students, as they're fairly low maintenance. They also fit great into one of our mugs!

7. Make a unique statement

For a lot of students, going to university can be their first time living away from home. Put your own personal stamp on a mug with our personalised range—or get creative and come up with your own slogan, for a mug that’s uniquely yours. Your flatmates won’t have any excuse not to know it’s yours!

8. Use it as a handy study guide

Our Educational range covers everything from prime numbers to Prime Ministers. With essential info displayed in an eye-catching and easy-to-read manner, you can brush up on your knowledge while sipping your morning cuppa.

9. Say thanks

Perhaps you want to thank Mum and Dad for all their help, or maybe your best mate helped you lug your furniture to your new digs. Whatever your reason for saying thank you, we have some fantastic mugs to show them how much you appreciate it.
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