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Reintroducing the Jack Vettriano collection-Mclaggan

Reintroducing the Jack Vettriano collection

Jack Vettriano, the UK’s most popular contemporary artist, surely needs no introduction. His 1992 painting, The Singing Butler, sold for a record-breaking £744,800 in 2004, the highest for any Scottish painting at the time. The painting has been reproduced on everything from biscuit tins to mugs (including our own Jack Vettriano range in 2013), making it the best-selling art print in the UK.

With a career spanning decades, there’s lots to discover in Jack’s portfolio. From the dreamy beaches of his earlier work to the steamy boudoirs depicted in later paintings, his art is often daring and always thought-provoking. To tie in with his latest exhibition—Jack Vettriano: The Early Years, showing at a gallery in his hometown of Kirkcaldy next year—five of his most popular prints are once again available on our bone china mugs. The collection includes two beach scenes and three of his more provocative images.


First up is The Picnic Party. Are you a hopeless romantic? Maybe you're something of a daydreamer? Either way, it's hard not to get lost in this tender, sun-drenched landscape with vibrant golden hues. One of his earliest works, The Picnic Party depicts three figures carrying umbrellas walking along a windswept beach. 

Pendine Beach has an altogether different tone, with shades of moody blue. Inspired by the life and achievements of Sir Malcom Campbell, who gained the world land speed record at various times during the 1920s and 1930s, the painting was originally commissioned by Sir Terence Conran for his Bluebird Club in London.

How about something sultrier? Forget racing cars, the remaining three designs in the collection are sure to set pulses racing instead. Never one to shy away from portraying erotic scenes, The Parlour of Tempation, Game On and The Opening Gambit are sensual and seductive.

With so many fans of Jack Vettriano’s work out there, these mugs are sure to hit the spot. They won't be reprinted, so once they're gone, they're well and truly gone. Snap yours up now! 

The much-anticipated Jack Vettriano: The Early Years exhibition has been rescheduled to 2021. Jack Vettriano fans can see the exhibit at Kirkcaldy Galleries from 18 June to 24 October 2021.

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