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Three quick and easy ways to bring nature indoors this autumn | Mclaggan

Three quick and easy ways to bring nature indoors this autumn

Autumn is officially upon us! Shorter, colder days = more time indoors. And less time surrounded by nature. But there are ways to keep your spirits up and create a blissful, cosy indoor retreat when the mercury starts to dip. Here are some ways you can bring the outdoors in this autumn.

1. Add autumnal colours to your interior

With the change of season comes the changing of the leaves. Take inspiration from the kaleidoscope of colours outside and add shades of green, orange and yellow to your interior. We've also added some greenery and oranges for that extra cosy autumnal touch. Want to recreate this in your own home? Get the look:

2. Spruce up your shelves with plants

Succulents are hardy, easy to care for and help purify the air. Use a mug instead of a plant pot for a unique touch, like we've done here with Orla Kiely's latest collection. Like what you see? Snap up yours here:  

3. Introduce bird, animal and plant motifs

Enjoy nature year-round with nature-inspired designs from Madeleine Floyd, Holly Lasseter and Ginger Bee. Here are just a few of our favourites, but there are lots more on our website. Got other tips for autumn decorating? We’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments.

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