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What exactly is a velocipede? | Mclaggan

What exactly is a velocipede?

Is it a dinosaur? A helicopter? A very long insect with millions of tiny legs Nope. It’s a bicycle. The kind of that people used back in the 1860s when posture was highly important so society had to make do with one very large wheel at the front and one significantly smaller one at the back of their bikes. Never mind about being off balance, at least you look smart in your bowler hat!

Take a look at the wonderful new Picturemaps design, the perfect mug for a cycling enthusiast or history buff's morning cuppa. This illustrated mug is jam-packed full of interesting tidbits and details, charting the evolution of cycling, from the humble draisine in the early 1800s, through to modern-day bicycles. Did you know the draisine also went by another name: the running machine? This name arose as it was powered by running along the ground, rather than pedalling (just like in The Flinstones).

Featured bicycles and historic cycling moments include the aforementioned Draisine (1818), Macmillan bicycle (1839), velocipede (1860s), penny farthing (1869), safety bicycle (1879), the Rover (1885), the Ivel (1886), first Tour De France (1903), Moulton folding bikes (1960s), BMX (1970s), mountain bikes (1981), Lotus 110 (1992) and the electric bike (current).

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