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  1. Babs Pease Puffin Mug
    Babs Pease Puffin Mug
    SKU: BP20
    From £10.50
  2. Puffin Nuffin China Mug
    Puffin Nuffin China Mug
    SKU: SD16
    From £10.50
  3. Little Fish Mug
    Little Fish Mug
    SKU: TK41_ST
  4. Penguin-Standard China Mug
    Penguin-Standard China Mug
    SKU: TI08_ST
  5. Bottlenose Dolphin China Mug
    Bottlenose Dolphin China Mug
    SKU: QGB06_QB
  6. GingerBee Puffin Mug
    GingerBee Puffin Mug
    SKU: GB04
    From £11.50
  7. Row of Penguins Mug
    Row of Penguins Mug
    SKU: TK77
    From £10.50
  8. Little Penguins Mug
    Little Penguins Mug
    SKU: TK61
    From £10.50
  9. Picturemaps Coral Reef Mug
    Picturemaps Coral Reef Mug
    SKU: PD45
    From £10.50
  10. Puffin mug
    Puffin mug
    SKU: NM12
    From £10.50
  11. Puffin China Mug
    Puffin China Mug
    SKU: MF44
    From £10.50
  12. Captain China Mug
    Captain China Mug
    SKU: CT04
    From £10.50

14 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction
The UK is a nation of animal lovers and at Mclaggan we are as well! We have a great selection of animal and nature mugs from cute and quirky to arty and designed. Our collection of animal and nature-inspired mugs are very popular with our customers and we're sure you'll love them, too.

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