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Care & Use

Tea tastes better from a bone china mug. It just does! And when cared for properly, your bone china mug can last a lifetime. To help you get the most from your mugs, follow these simple guidelines and you should have many years of enjoyment from your mug.


To keep your mug looking its best, we recommend washing shortly after use. Dishwashers use high temperatures and abrasive detergents, which can damage our screen-printed designs. For this reason, we recommend washing by hand only. This will keep the design on your mug looking colourful for years to come. Use warm (not boiling) water and avoid using scouring pads or abrasive detergents.

Stain Removal

Bone china mugs are whiter and brighter than other types of mugs, but this also means your favourite mug may pick up stains if you enjoy your morning cuppa from it every day. To avoid staining, we advise washing your mugs as soon as possible after use. If stains do appear, try steeping with a mild detergent for one hour. For more stubborn stains, try two tablespoons of baking soda topped up with warm water, or a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm water.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs when bone china is subjected to extreme temperature changes, causing it to crack or shatter. Don’t worry, it’s easily avoided! Adding a tea spoon or milk to your mug before pouring boiling water will help alleviate thermal shock. You should also never wash your mug in boiling water or expose it to a naked flame. Your mug is not suitable for cooking and is not freezer safe.


Bone china is very durable, but to avoid any accidental bumps or scratches we recommend not stacking your mugs on top of each other.