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Madeleine Floyd Wren Mug

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An enchanting collection of illustrations depicting flora and fauna by one of the UK's best-loved artists, Madeleine Floyd. With just a few simple strokes, she manages to capture the character and essence of the birds she draws.


Ceramics are decorated to order and fired in kilns overnight. Please allow 2-3 working days for your order to be despatched, plus additional time for delivery. Other products leave the next working day except where ordered with ceramics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
How unlucky have I been with my Joys!

Well I've been very unlucky with my fabulous Madeleine Flight Mugs...I had had and used daily for YEARS the one which name I forget, with the lots of small Bird Eggs all around it, as I banged if against something metal in the sink and it cracked...I SO miss it for my first Tea of the day and subsequents! I went on the website and a replacement was not possible, there were none available at that time.
So I chose another, with a beautiful Wren on one side and its Egg on the opposite side...I was surprised that it is markedly heavier that the 'loads of eggs' one, and I miss that lightness for Tea.
But I love the Wren...BUT, would you believe, I DROPPED it and the handle broke! leaving two stubs at each fixing, so I drink my Tea holding it somehow, near the top.
Amazing, one I'd had for years, the second for next to no time.
I would appreciate learning when the multi egg one is available again...that is the one I miss the most, especially its finer China...then I'll start growing a favourite plant in Wren's.
Rachel Newey


Nice mugs, pleased with my purchase.

We love the mugs. My

We love the mugs.
My daughter bought me four years ago and they have always been our favourites.