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More old favourites

Have enjoyed Quentin Blake's work for about 50 years, and apart from the books which delighted us as much as our three children, we bought two mugs featuring ducks and frogs, years ago. When one almost got smashed (but it was good porcelain and survived) we decided to add more ducks, more frogs plus some pigs, which we hadn't seen before. Not only are they tough and well made (and witty) the current mugs are slightly bigger than the originals.


Arrived quickly and looked fab! Delighted with my buy

Another charming design

I now have a selection of Madeleine Floyd bird mugs. This is perhaps not as well defined as some of the other designs but nevertheless is a nice addition to my collection. It is also the perfect size to fit my Nespresso machine.

Puffin mug

Excellent customer service and great product - thank you!


Lovely mug but it was very expensive🥴

Great mug

Love it real character

For Bond Fans

Great well presented mug and not a fault in the delivery or service
I would definitely recommend this product

Brilliantly depicted!

I love this poster. I have looked at it for ages and enjoyed looking up the history of these inspirational women, some of which I have not heard of before. The pictures are wonderfully drawn, it’s a pleasure to see artwork of this kind displayed on the wall and these inspirational women receiving the recognition they deserve.

Perfect mug

As someone who cycles so I can reach a cafe quicker, this mug is a delight. Lovely quality and makes me smile with every cup of coffee. Great service too!

Third McLaggan mug

My first - and treasured - NATO mug had pictures depicting the capital letters of the alphabet. It had a touch of class and I much preferred it to mug no 2 with its large red capital letters. Another accident and I‘m now on to mug no 3 (again with the red letters).
All my mugs had have been good quality and I’ve been very satisfied with McLaggan’s deliveries - no breakages in transit and prompt service. I now have a thank you note and a voucher for 15% off my next purchase which I would like to think would be a ‘pictorial’ NATO mug. We live in hope!

Cycling mugs

Perfect service. Prior purchase advise from one of the designers. Immediate dispatch and safely packed, thanks.

Cute little mug

My wife and I are always fighting over our Blue **** tea cup so I decided to add a English Robin mug to our collection. Everyone is happy now.

Special mug

I had my original Kings and Queens mug for many years and suddenly I dropped it and it was irrepairable. I was really upset as it was really fine china so decided to send an e-mail to the address on the base of the mug asking about purchasing another one. I did not receive a reply (not even an acknowledgement!!) but after a short amount of time decided to look on the website, also on the base of the mug, and decided to buy 3 as presents as well as my own. I was pleased to receive the mugs but do not feel that my Kings and Queens mug is of the same quality china and does not feel as fine as I remembered from my broken one. Maybe I am wrong but it just doesn’t feel the same - sorry!


The mug is an excellent purchase and lighter than the original which was damaged. Thank You.

Quality mug with well printed design

Bought this as a direct replacement for a chipped mug my wife has! It's a slightly different size and the original was a Poole pottery mug but this new one has slightly more colour in the design and there is Quentin's signature on it!

It's perfectly adorable!

I am happy with my new mug, and use it every morning to brighten up my day!

Lovely mugs arrived safely

Good quality, well packaged, arrived swiftly in the EU. As somewhat of a mug hoarder, I was looking to expand my collection of McLaggan mugs. The size of my original mug was slightly smaller and the porcelain slightly thinner. Since I'm not too tall, I liked that quality a little better. The new mugs are of similar model, but about 10% larger. Filled to the rim, which I tend to avoid, my old mug holds 320 ml, and the new ones 350 ml. (I ordered the 300 ml size, which probably would constitute a more civilised filling level). That said it is still a nice mug that I'm happy with, and even more so due to Quentin Blakes design. His works always brighten up my day.

The Puffin Mug was a present for my daughter, who enjoys collecting mugs with bird themes on them. This one, she really liked.

Jane Austen mug

Excellent quality and Service.

Robin mug

Very happy with my mug, gave a review on Facebook.

Art Chart Coasters

Well crafted. Printed side colours match those of the images on the Mclaggan web site and the history of art is well represented. If you have a student son or daughter studying art they make a good christmas stocking filler.

Wonderful Art Work

I have had 12 of these various types of bird painted mugs for several years, but when 3 were broken recently replaced then and they remain as delightful, and lovely quality as they ever were.

It was really good!

I was looking for an overseas blog.
I have three children, so what's written on this mug
I understand very well.It's very interesting and cute!
I also bought a mug for my parents, so I'm looking forward to coffee time.
Thank you for the nice mug from the distant England!

Mug Personalisation
It’s a mug - a good one

It’s hard to review a mug, it works & it looks good. What more can I say?

Lovely Mug

Great size, well packaged and looks good